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The Sweet Smell of Attraction: DATING IN MILWAUKEE


Are you dating or looking for love in the Milwaukee area? Perhaps you’ve met someone, but don’t know if you like them—perhaps because of their scent? Scent can play a very important role in the attraction process, and it’s been clinically proven, too! It can literally make or break a romance.


Pheromones, or the quiet scent that we secrete that actually attracts us to others, is a fascinating topic. To put it mildly, unless we are attracted to someone’s scent, it won’t work.


A great article about just this.


But let’s get past the clinical side, here. Personally, I have an aversion to colognes. I want to smell a man, and many men feel the same way about a woman-citing the nape of the neck is the one spot where they can find the true scent of a woman. (while remaining clothed) If someone is wearing too much, it masks the smell of the person, and cuts down on the attraction. Sadly, some colognes and perfumes are so offensive, that it completely turns off the other person to ever get to know them.


Here are some tips on how to wear scents and not scare off a potential date:


  1. The proper way to put on cologne or perfume is to spray and walk into it. That’s right.

  2. If you have to spritz-spritz once. No more.

  3. If you walk into a room and you are announced 15 feet before you enter, and remembers an hour after you leave, you have on too much perfume or cologne.

  4. Do not spray cologne or perfume in your car! If someone gets in who is susceptible to scent issues, they won’t be able to sit next to you, or, worse yet, get a massive headache.

  5. Ask a potential date BEFORE using it if he or she will be offended! Communication is always an important thing, so ask if they are sensitive to anything. Better to be proactive versus blowing it big time.


A word to the wise: Use caution in everything that has a scent-perfumes, colognes, hair products, body creams, etc. Best to go scent free if you have the opportunity!


Lori Mendelsohn connects people both personally and professionally. With a knack for introducing people who wind up saying, "I do," she can of course be reached by email..

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