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Five places you’ve never thought
of meetING other singles IN RACINE


As online dating has become more and more popular, fewer and fewer people seem to be out and about, mixing and mingling. Yes, the local bar could be a hot spot, but what are the chances your dreamboat will show up, just when you are there? Finding love during hibernation season becomes more and more difficult, but here are some tips that may melt the ice on these cold, bleak, seemingly endless winter days.


Just as in business, networking is imperative to build your own “personal brand.” Think about networking groups in hobbies, versus strictly business. Love gaming, or IT, or even community service? Start there. Networking is a great way to just get out of your comfort zone, speak to strangers, and for introverts-it’s a great way to be proud at the end of an evening for your new conversational skills.


Trivia Nights at local bars. This is an incredible way to get out and use your noggin, even if it’s fogged over by the frozen tundra outside.


Take a class! Wustum/Ram have great art classes on nights and weekends or try your hand at cooking. Remember the movie Ghost? Art not your jam? How about cooking? When Spring rolls around, you’ll have some newly found mad culinary skills and you’ll undoubtedly be able to impress your new beau with a home cooked meal.


The Rock Sports Complex. Baby, its cold outside, but I bet your snow pants that there are many singles out on the slopes, or tubing, who could raise the wind chill. Go during the week to save some dough and avoid during the weekend where it’s packed with families.


Host a party and ask all the people who you have invited to bring a single friend. I hear it already-‘I DON’T KNOW ANYONE TO BRING!” Hogwash. We all know someone to bring and even though that person bringing them may not see them as James Bond or Charlize Theron, someone else may! Most people who are serious about dating want to meet someone who is high quality, not necessarily a beauty pageant contestant. Bring ‘em on! When you throw this party, have a theme and have everyone dress that way, or bring a dish to pass in the particular theme. This is a recipe for fun and mingling, too!

Lori Mendelsohn connects people both personally and professionally. With a knack for introducing people who wind up saying, "I do," she can be reached at

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