My calling, my purpose, is to help people find true love.


I have been matchmaking long before people used dating apps. How do I do this? I use my intuition. I’ve done it instinctively for so many years that I finally decided to follow my passion, as it clearly has been my calling in life. Because of this, I launched to bring happiness to as many as I can.


How can I help you? Well, let’s look at the value of your time. True wealth is free time. Few of us have that. Sadly, you can’t make any more hours in the day, or get back the ones you may have wasted already on fruitless first dates. With my ability and experience I can deliver that someone special, hand-picked, ready to captivate you from the start.


So, why me? What can I do to help you?


Let me tell you a bit about myself so you feel confident in contacting me.


My short story-- I have been a student of human nature my entire life. My first career in the fashion industry took me all over the world. I have interacted with many customs and cultures and have had experiences many only dream of.  Later I became a successful entrepreneur and continued to encounter people from all walks of life. I lived and worked on the West Coast, East Coast and many places in between. From it all, I met many people and learned many things from them. So, when I say I have skills to navigate a great match for you, I’m not talking about an algorithm.  I’m talking about my deep understanding of the human condition. What makes men and women tick – and most importantly, click.


In my adult life, just as a caring friend, I have successfully introduced over a dozen couples who have married and have families. While marriage may not be what you are seeking, what people know me for is my innate ability to choose someone great for them. Plain and simple, but certainly, not a simple thing.


Bottom line:  I don’t have a database. I have people.  I do custom searches for my individual clients. Notice the word “individual”? That is how I treat each and every client, along with the utmost respect and dignity.  Honesty, integrity, and trust are my core values, and that is what I seek in others, and what I will seek for you. I focus on quality versus quantity. After all, do you really want to go on lots of dates, or lots of dates with someone special?

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